Terms & Conditions

Payment options

We use PayPal & Stripe to process our payments. If you would rather not use these platforms we will also accept bank transfers to pay our invoices upon request.


For projects that are handled from a third party website, all payment processes are subject to that third party’s respective terms and conditions


The project timeline is estimated with a reasonable response time’ from the client for deliverables. The client is given two working days to respond to each round of work submitted. A response time longer than two days will negatively affect the project timeline. The client is allowed more time to respond, however Explainr is not responsible for project delays as a result.


Upon completion of the project to the client’s satisfaction, the produced video and all related deliverables along with all corresponding intellectual property rights are transferred to the client. Prior to completion, all intellectual property including all designs, storyboards, scripts, animations, sound effects, voice-overs, trademarks, or other assets not provided by the client remain the property of Explainr.


We do not provide source files for video projects for any packages as we need to protect some of our proprietary assets as well as some techniques, which remain our trade secrets. Some of the assets used are, including but not limited to: sound effects, music, background illustrations, and any other illustrations which are also remain in our common library.


If you absolutely need the source files, please contact your project manager for more information.


Explainr will state the scope of work in the client’s proposal. The scope of work is based on the information provided by the client:


1. The client agrees to cooperate with the supplier to keep the production within the proposed scope.


2. The client can request extra work from the supplier by email.


3. Explainr will reply with the estimated costs and request approval of the additional work by email. 



The number of revisions allowed for each project stage is determined in the packages

shown in this document. Project stages will be defined as: Script, Storyboards, Voice

Over and Animation. Any further revisions will need to be quoted for.



Once a stage has been given approval, any changes to that stage later in a project will result in additional fees. Each stage of production is contingent on the previous stages, where one stage must be complete before moving onto the next one. Therefore, any changes to a previous stage will lead to work being repeated, resulting in increased labour costs.



Explainr reserves the right to display your video on their portfolio and other marketing materials. A portfolio helps showcase Explainr’s previous work, and will also give your business more exposure to any viewers.



This agreement becomes effective immediately and only when a deposit has been received by Explainr.