Research & Planning

We’ll send you a questionnaire which we use in conjunction with notes from the initial meetings to gain a deep understanding of your business.


The better we understand your product & target market, the better the video will resonate with your audience



  • We will arrange a consultation to discuss script, style and storyboard ideas and construct a basic framework for the script/video
  • Notes from the questionnaire & previous meetings may also be used for this
  • Estimated Production Time: 2-4 days


At this stage, you can sit back and let us work our magic. You will be presented with a first draft script which uses ‘conversion switches’ to convince the user to take action. Copywriting is a science, and we pride ourselves on being experts.



  • Our copywriter will prepare a first draft of the script based on the questionnaire and notes.
  • You will recieve a word doc of the first draft, which you can review for as many rounds of revisions as necessary.
  • Estimated Production Time: 5-7 days


Once the script is complete, it’s time to get a smooth talker to bring it to life! We work with a wide selection of professional, renowned voice artists worldwide to ensure we provide the perfect voiceover for your project, no matter the style.



  • You will recieve a selection of V/O artist demos, who will begin recording after you select one.
  • The recorded voiceover will be sent as an mp3. 2 rounds of revisions are allowed for mistakes/mispronunciation, and minor script changes
  • Estimated Production Time: 4-6 days


In the next step, we’ll provide a storyboard with a basic concept for each scene in your video. This will give you an idea of what the end product will look like, and give you a chance to provide feedback before the animation begins.



  • A rough first sketch of the storyboard outlining each scene will be sent to you in pdf format
  • Once these are approved, you will be provided with a set of complete "style frames" of the video to give you a sense of how the finished product will look in full color
  • These can be changed over 2 rounds of revisions
  • Estimated Production Time: 4-5 Days


The exciting part! In the final step, our animators get to work on bringing your video to life, adding custom animation to the voiceover, mixing in music and sound effects when needed to create a world-class video you’ll love.



  • You will be sent a link to first draft of your video (with watermark), as well as a word document designed for video revisions
  • 2 rounds of revisions are allowed for changes before the final version is mastered.
  • Once the video is approved, you'll be sent a final draft of the video in HD without the watermark
  • Estimated Production Time: 7-11 days


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